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After signing a one-year deal with the Seahawks last week, Josh Gordon is presumably going to be on the field for them at some point this season; however, it's still not clear when his 2020 debut is going to happen. 

Gordon has been out of the NFL since December when he was suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse and performance-enhancing drugs polices, and although he applied for reinstatement in June, the NFL still hasn't ruled on his case, which means that Gordon is still suspended, which means that he's not allowed to practice with the team. 

If you're wondering when Gordon might be allowed to play, get in line, because everyone seems to be wondering that, including the Seahawks. Seattle coach Pete Carroll was recently asked if he knew when Gordon might get reinstated, and based on his answer, it seems that Carroll doesn't really have any idea. 

"Really right now we don't have any indication," Carroll said, via PFT. "We don't have word on that and we've, obviously, tried to find out but we have no word from the league yet. We'll have to wait and see."

The ultimate decision on Gordon's reinstatement case will come from Roger Goodell, and apparently, the NFL commissioner hasn't offered any hints about when that decision might come. 

"I don't know," Carroll said. "We're all kind of just keeping our fingers crossed he gets a chance to play soon."

The Seahawks decided to sign Gordon this year despite the fact that he's been suspended a total of six times since 2013. 

"Josh's experience with us was really positive," Carroll said of last season, when Gordon played five games with the Seahawks. "He worked really hard, studied hard, came through when he had his chances in games, made some incredible plays and left us with a really good impression. We've told you all along that we really liked the experience we had and we were hoping all along if there was a chance to get back we would want to get them back. We'll just have to wait and see when, but we're happy to have the opportunity bring him to our club."

Gordon played in 11 games last season with two teams (Patriots and Seahawks) and appeared to be on the right track before his December suspension happened. According to Gordon's lawyer, Adam Kenner, the receiver was suspended because he had a relapse after the death of his brother in November. 

Although Gordon has missed more than 50 games due to suspension in his career, NFL teams have been willing to give him multiple chances to succeed because he's still an effective receiver when he's on the field. During the 2019 season, Gordon caught 20 passes for 287 yards and a touchdown with the Patriots. After an injury in New England led to him being released, Gordon made his way to Seattle, where he caught seven passes for 139 yards over seven games.

At his peak, Gordon was one of the best receivers in the NFL. During the 2013 season, he actually led the league in receiving yards with 1,646 yards while playing for the Browns, but he's also missed a lot of time due to suspension, including the entire 2015 and 2016 seasons. Despite the missed time, Gordon has proven that he can still make big plays, and since he came at a low cost, adding him was a low-risk for the Seahawks. 

Gordon's one-year deal with Seattle is worth up to $1 million, and not surprisingly, a lot of money will be tied to whether or not the receiver actually gets on the field. According to ESPN, Gordon will receive a $52,500 bonus once he's reinstated, and then he can also earn another $80,000 in bonuses for being on the team's active roster each week.