Josh McDaniels on sideline spat with Tom Brady: 'It’s part of what makes him great'

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, and according to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, one reason for that is his fiery emotional state of mind, which is something McDaniels definitely knows all about after what happened on Sunday.

During the Patriots' win over the Bills, which stretched the Patriots' record to 10-2, Brady blew up at McDaniels on the sidelines, engaging in a screaming match that drew the attention of CBS' cameras. After the game, Brady downplayed the incident, calling it "just football." But McDaniels took it a step further. 

According to McDaniels, that sideline spat is an example of Brady's greatness -- rather, Brady's emotions are one reason why he's one of the game's greatest quarterbacks.

"It's a very competitive game and emotional game and things like that can happen," McDaniels told reporters on Tuesday, per Pro Football Talk. "Being in the game a long time, and understanding that Tommy's a very emotional person and emotional player; it's part of what makes him great. You understand that those things happen, and it's never personal. You move on quickly from it, and we did and we have. I love Tom and all those things he stands for and all the things he does for our team. That's just a situation where you understand it and move on quickly from it and you focus on your job."

And then in classic Belichickian fashion, McDaniels moved on by saying that they're onto Miami.

"I'm not even thinking about lines or what have you," McDaniels said. "I just know we're all trying to win the game and sometimes things like that happen and you move on from them. You try to win the game and be a professional. That's all I know and that's what we did and that's what we've done and we're focused on getting ready for the Dolphins now."

Here's the incident:

That looks sorta familiar to Brady's incident with former Patriots offensive coordinator and current head coach of the Texans Bill O'Brien from several years ago:

Obviously, as both Brady and McDaniels indicated, a sideline argument isn't a big deal. We see it all the time from players not named Brady. But it is worth noting that while Brady's sideline tantrums get labeled as a reason for his greatness, other quarterbacks like, say, Jay Cutler, gets labeled as whiner and not a leader when he shows frustration. 

That's the power of five Super Bowl rings.

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