Josh Rosen sprained his toe late in the Cardinals' blowout loss, but should be OK for Week 8

The score was 45-10 in favor of Denver, there were two minutes remaining in the game, the Cardinals' offensive line had already allowed five sacks, and rookie quarterback Josh Rosen was out there for a meaningless fourth-and-16. The decision to leave Rosen in during a bloodbath didn't come without consequences.

On Friday, Cardinals coach Steve Wilks said that Rosen sprained his toe, but "should be fine and ready to go next week," per ESPN. Up next for the Cardinals is a home game against the 49ers, the team they beat for their only win of the season.

The injury appeared to occur on the Cardinals offense's final snap coming out of the two-minute warning. Immediately after getting dragged down by Bradley Chubb, which marked the sixth sack of Rosen in the game, Rosen reached for his ankle. He then hobbled off the field before the Broncos ran out the final two minutes of the game -- a game that saw Rosen turn the ball over five times and post a 44.2 passer rating.

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Twelve hours after the debacle, which dropped their record to 1-6, the Cardinals fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and handed play-calling duties over to Byron Leftwich. But that shouldn't absolve Wilks of his decision to leave Rosen in to take a pounding during a game that was already over. 

There's value in letting a rookie quarterback take as many reps as possible and fight through a difficult slog of a game, but only if that rookie quarterback isn't at a major injury risk. You could see the injury coming. The hits were mounting. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, it was clear that the Cardinals weren't going to accomplish much of anything offensively. Still, they kept Rosen in the game.

It was entirely fair to question that decision during the game. And it's especially fair to question that decision after the game.

The Cardinals are fortunate that the damage was limited to a sprained toe. But unless they find a way improve Rosen's protection down the stretch, their already lost season might impact their long-term future. They need to prioritize Rosen's future over everything else given that he's the future of their team. 

The season is already lost. They can't afford to lose their future, too.

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