Contrary to a suggestion that the Washington Redskins are "the favorite" to land Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen if the former first-round pick is traded, it appears Jay Gruden and Co. remain undecided about their 2019 QB plans.

Appearing on Wednesday's "Around the NFL" podcast, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo disputed the notion that Washington has set its sights on any specific quarterback, let alone the former 10th overall pick.

"No, that's not true," he said of Washington's apparent pursuit. "They have done a little bit of homework here, or at least tried to figure out what the Cardinals' price would be. But they're not actively chasing him. And I don't know that they have a hard offer on the table, because I know for a fact that they are still going through the motions with the guys in the draft currently, and that they have made no firm decision ... I don't really believe that it's a sizzling market for Josh Rosen."

Washington, of course, already traded for one QB this offseason, acquiring Case Keenum from the Denver Broncos as part of a swap of late-round draft picks, and the team still has veteran Alex Smith under contract, although he's expected to miss the 2019 season. But that hasn't stopped team brass from eyeballing top draft prospects like Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones, leading to speculation that the 22-year-old Rosen could also be on their radar.

Speaking of Denver, NFL Network's James Palmer believes the Broncos are another team with little interest in Rosen at this time. Like Washington, they also traded for a veteran this offseason, landing Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens, but they, too, could be in the market for a longer-term solution at QB. And yet Rosen doesn't appear to be on their list.

"Things can always change, like asking price," Palmer tweeted Wednesday, "but I believe the Broncos are not interested in Josh Rosen if he's made available."

So who would that leave? The Giants are the biggest name in the market for a young quarterback, but they also own two first-round picks and could choose to find their guy in the draft. Speculation is that the Bengals could swap Andy Dalton out for a young signal-caller new coach Zac Taylor can develop. The Dolphins need to find a future passer but seem to be eyeing future draft classes to fill that need.

And there's always a chance a team with an entrenched veteran like the Patriots, Chargers or Saints could bring in Rosen for the right price in order to develop a successor. Remember that quarterback not being a clear need didn't stop the Packers from drafting Aaron Rodgers once upon a time, and that move certainly paid off in the long run.