Junior Galette: Dolphins not 'as good as everybody was saying'

Monday was a tough night for the previously undefeated Dolphins. Miami got worked on both sides of the ball -- and beaten 38-17 -- by the clearly superior Saints. But that doesn't mean New Orleans needs to rub it in.

That's precisely what breakout Saints linebacker Junior Galette did after the game, though, saying the Fins aren't "as good as everybody was saying" and that they were "abused."

"I just don't feel that team was as good as everybody was saying they were," Galette said. "We just abused the offensive line all game."

Galette is technically accurate. The Saints sacked Ryan Tannehill four times and forced him into a number of errors, including a pair of interceptions and a fumble.

"We're not happy. Obviously you don't want to come out and perform like that," Tannehill said. "But you look at it and there are things you can correct."

That's the key here. Miami wasn't as good as their record indicated, if only because it put them on the same plane as the Saints.

New Orleans is a legit Super Bowl contender. Miami is a young, growing team who walked into a buzzsaw Monday night. They'll learn from this game and, hopefully, improve. Galette is technically correct, although slapping the Fins in the face probably wasn't necessary.

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