Jury finds former Cowboy Josh Brent guilty of intoxication manslaughter

Josh Brent was found guilty Wednesday. (USATSI)
Josh Brent was found guilty Wednesday. (USATSI)
A jury found former Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent guilty Wednesday of intoxication manslaughter. Brent was behind the wheel in December 2012 when he crashed his vehicle and killed the passenger, Jerry Brown, a close friend and Cowboys teammate at the time.

According to KMSP-TV, prosecutors say Brent was driving as fast as 110 mph at the time of the accident, and tests showed Brent's blood alcohol content was 0.18, more than twice Texas' legal limit of 0.08. Prosecutors alleged Brent, who weighs 320 pounds, had as many as 17 drinks on the night of the crash.

Meanwhile, Brent's attorneys argued that the blood alcohol tests used by police were faulty and that their client couldn't have consumed that much alcohol.

One of the prosecutors, Jason Hermus, showed the jury footage of Brent stumbling and losing his balance as he tried to walk in a straight line.

"You can see with your own eyes, time and time and time again, that he is not normal," Hermus said.

Heath Harris, another prosecutor, added: "This is almost like a poster child case for intoxication manslaughter,"

Brent attorney Kevin Brooks countered that the prosecution was trying to mislead the jury.

"In the history of mankind, there has never been created such a thing as an infallible machine," Brooks said. "It doesn't exist. Has never existed. Planes crash. Computers don't boot up. Cars stop running."

Ultimately, the jury sided with the prosecution. Brent was handcuffed and led from the courtroom and is now in the custody of the Dallas County sheriff's office.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the punishment phase of the trial begins Thursday. Brent faces up to 20 years in prison but is also eligible for probation.

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