Just Because: Did Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan like each other?

You've seen how nasty Warren Sapp has gotten with Michael Strahan in the past, and as we've documented this week, Sapp is at it again as Strahan could be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

But maybe this will blow your mind, because maybe IT'S ALL A LIE!

As you can see in this 2006 photo from a charity event, Sapp and Strahan once had nothing but love for each other.

These two once seemed to get along quite well. (Getty Images)
These two once seemed to get along quite well. (Getty Images)

To me, it looks like Strahan is leaning in for some kind of embrace but Sapp (that prude!) is using a wooden board to block Strahan's approach. Who knows, maybe they didn't like each other in 2006, but it certainly seems like they're enjoying each other's company in this historical piece of still photography.

Fast forward seven years later.

"When you stack it up, he only has four straight Pro Bowls and a mythical sack record that y'all still walk around like it's something to be praised," Sapp said Tuesday. "I mean y'all have got to get off your high horse in New York and speak about the real. And when you really measure him up, he comes up short."

Responded Strahan:

"I am, I'm all hype. I lasted 15 years, all hype. I had 141.5 career sacks, all hype. I was always a starter. I played left end, and that made me get sacks. My coaches kept putting me in the game because they felt it gave us the best chance to win, and that was all hype."

Hopefully, Sapp doesn't have a wooden board the next time these two encounter each other. Because instead of blocking Strahan's approach, Sapp might use it to take a swing at the man he, even for just a second in 1996, once adored.

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