Just Because: Steve Largent, Jim Zorn sing about milk circa 1980

You know what we don’t hear enough of from NFL players today? Their singing voices. In order to really know a player, forget about breaking down film on the routes a receiver runs or studying just how good a defensive end’s swim move can be.

You need to know their vocal range.

Which is why the radio ad for Washington Dairy Farmers, circa 1980, that’s featured below is such a revelation. It’s Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent and former Seahawks quarterback (and later Redskins head coach) Jim Zorn singing and mooing like cows and hollering like they just don’t care.

Which is great, because that forces us not to care about how unimpressive their singing talent was (and presumably still is). Take a listen if you dare:

A couple things:

1) We can’t really be sure that this is actually Largent and Zorn, who connected with Largent on passes 203 times from 1978-80 as Seattle’s starting quarterback. But I'm a dreamer, and even though I might be naive, it's like Micky Dolenz once sang. “I’m a believer.”

2) The lyrics are actually kind of hard to understand. But I could dig it toward the end when they sing, “And now it’s time to tell the secret/Why milk is the favorite of these guys/It’s the vitamins, the minerals, but mostly it’s because/Milk is pasteur-ized.” Clever, clever.

3) This doesn’t have anything to do with the song, but are we positive that the two dudes shown at the 0:37 mark of the video aren’t actually Bo and Luke Duke?

All that said, I want to see a top-notch receiver and his starting quarterback from today put together a well-sung duet for some commercial, presumably for the money and the fame that comes with such performances.

My No. 1 choice. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall singing the praises of, say, Old Style beer.

After all, we already know Cutler can carry a tune.

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