Just Because: WWE HOFer Mr. Wonderful had short Saints career

If you happened to be on Twitter on Sunday night, you couldn't avoid being hit in the face with a sledgehammer by Wrestlemania XXX results (Undertaker's streak ends! Yes, Yes, Yes! The Spanish announcer's table!).

But luckily, the Saints gave us a moment of clarity when they tweeted out a reminder that Paul Orndorff -- who participated in the main event of Wrestlemania I (he was pinned by that scallywag Hulk Hogan) -- was drafted by New Orleans in the 12th round of the 1973 draft.

He apparently didn't last long.

All's well, though. He turned himself into a WWE Hall of Famer, and though he battled cancer a few years back, Orndorff beat back that opponent as well. Here was some of his best work he performed when he was in his prime.

Even without the NFL, Orndorff was, in fact, quite wonderful.

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