MINNEAPOLIS -- With Super Bowl LII about to kick off, speculation continues to run rampant about the future of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Most of us believe they will be back to play for the Patriots next year, but there has been chatter about what the future might holds.

Shortly before Super Bowl LII was set to kickoff, Brady clarified his stance on the matter, telling Jim Gray of Westwood One he absolutely intends to be playing football next year.

"Yeah, you're going to see me playing football next year," Brady said. "I don't envision not playing. You're at the end of the race, but you've got your biggest mountain to climb right at the end. Hopefully all the lessons we've learned will allow us to be our very best for this moment and that's what it's going to take and that's what we're prepared for and that's what I go out and expect our team to do."

So that's ... sort of an answer. He could always change his mind, I suppose. But it sure does sound like Tom Brady intends to play for the Patriots during the 2018 season. 

Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen has previously leaned on the quarterback to try and get him to walk away from the game. He's won a lot of Super Bowls (five, with Sunday's outcome pending) and is probably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. If Brady retired his next stop would be Canton. 

Reported tensions in and around the Patriots might be causing drama for Brady. But he did just win his third MVP award at the age of 40, becoming the first quarterback ever to do so. He's still shattering records even at his advanced age.

Brady has a decent shot to win one or two more Super Bowls. We know the end is coming, but it doesn't feel like it is THAT close, and Brady's comments confirm as much. 

Win or lose, expect to see the G.O.A.T. back on the field when the next season rolls around.