Justin Bieber arrested; Keyshawn Johnson, Eric Dickerson approve

Justin Bieber's arrest no doubt came as good news to his LA neighbors. (USATSI)
Justin Bieber's arrest no doubt came as good news to his LA neighbors. (USATSI)
Justin Bieber was arrested Thursday morning in Miami on DUI and drag-racing charges. This was no doubt welcome news for former NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, who live in the pop star's Los Angeles neighborhood.

According to CBS Miami, "The trouble started when Bieber's entourage allegedly used two or three cars to block traffic on Pine Tree Drive to create a drag strip for the young star. He was arrested at 4:09 a.m. near the intersection of Pine Tree Drive and 26th Street in a yellow Lamborghini."

TMZ reports that Bieber's father was present when his son was arrested and he had helped block off residential streets to facilitate the drag race.

In August, Johnson chased Bieber through their neighborhood in an effort to protect his kids from a 19-year-old he said was driving a Ferrari at highway speeds through the gated community. (It's worth noting that Johnson was in hot pursuit in his ... Prius. This isn't pertinent to the story but we find the visual mildly amusing.)

"You got a 19-year-old kid feeling entitled, speeding up and down the highway," Johnson said at the time. "That's why all the neighbors is mad," Johnson said. "Then you got him spitting on people in the neighborhood. You can't do that. That's not the way it's supposed to be."

For now, the neighborhood is safe.

In completely unrelated news, we had no idea Biebs was in Seattle for Sunday's 49ers-Seahawks game:

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