The Los Angeles Chargers have a new coach in Jim Harbaugh, which comes with high expectations for 2024. The team hasn't had much time working with the former Michigan coach who led the Wolverines to the College Football Playoff national championship, but he is already making an impact and changing the way things are done in L.A.

Quarterback Justin Herbert says it is an "honor" to play for Harbaugh, who has a 44-19-1 regular season as a coach in the NFL with the 49ers.

"He's done such a great job taking this team and getting them to where he wants them to go," Herbert said (via ESPN). "He's won wherever he's at. He's a guy that everyone wants to follow and play for."

Harbaugh has a slightly different approach to minicamp than many coaches, from the intensity of the practices to participating in drills himself. 

Herbert says Harbaugh is serious when he does workouts with the players and while this is new for the quarterback, he appreciates the dedication of his coach. Herbert sees Harbaugh's commitment to practice every day having a positive influence on the younger players. 

"It's a cool experience to be able to share that with your head coach," Herbert said. "Whether we're pulling sleds, he expects to be the fastest or to pull the furthest, and when we're carrying those med balls, he's wanting to go the furthest, he wants to go the fastest. And to have a guy like that set the stage, set the standard for these undrafted guys, for these rookies to see that, I think they follow in his footsteps."

For some players, Harbaugh's way of doing things did not have them convinced right away. Wearing game jerseys and helmets in practice did lead to complaints, linebacker Khalil Mack said. 

The veteran explained Harbaugh's approach to his teammates, saying, "But it was something I told [Morgan] Fox. The game jerseys do feel different than the practice jerseys. You're going to breathe differently in the practice jersey, practice pants, or whatever the case may be. I feel like he kind of just shifted the mindset by putting us in those same situations that we're going to be in games."

The Chargers went 5-12 last season and were a team that could not close out games. Los Angeles needed a change and Harbaugh's changes so far have the team buying in. 

Linebacker Joey Bosa is happy with the way Harbaugh is working to turn the team around, complimenting Harbaugh's straight-forward and direct approach.

"I think it feels like Coach is leading the team the way it should be led," Bosa said. "... The message is sent from the top and it doesn't get mixed up as it's moving down the ladder. It's boom, this is how we're doing things, and everybody's following that, and I think it's impressive."

Derwin James, who Harbaugh said is the player all his other players should follow, says his coach is a "powerful leader."

The Chargers and Harbaugh still have a few months to implement this new way of preparing for a season before they face the Las Vegas Raiders on Sept. 8 to kick off their season.