Kaepernick's lawyer: Here are the two teams that should sign my client right now

As Colin Kaepernick's lawyer, Mark Geragos, continues to put his collusion case together against the NFL, it's starting to look like he'll be honing in on two specific teams that have made the decision not to sign Kaepernick, despite their obvious troubles at the quarterback position. 

During his weekly podcast with Adam Carolla that was released over the weekend, Geragos said there was no reason that Kaepernick shouldn't have at least gotten a tryout with the Texans or Broncos over the past few weeks. 

"Anybody who watched the Houston Texans game or Denver -- did you watch the Denver game -- I mean, they need a quarterback," Geragos said on his "Reasonable Doubt" podcast. 

The podcast was recorded after the NFL's Week 9 games, where Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage both struggled in losses. 

Geragos seems mostly baffled by the fact that the Texans didn't reach out after Deshaun Watson suffered a season-ending knee injury. Instead of calling Kaepernick, the Texans made the decision to sign Matt McGloin, which was immediately followed by their decision to cut Matt McGloin. After that, the Texans snubbed Kaepernick again and signed Josh Johnson

According to Geragos, signing Kaepernick would have been the perfect way for owner Bob McNair to redeem himself following his "We can't have the inmates running the prison" comment that he made in October. 

"I just don't understand the Texans," Geragos said. "If I'm Bob McNair, and maybe I'm addled and maybe I'm sick, I just don't know. I mean, I'll find out when I do his deposition, but if I'm Bob McNair, and I've already misspoken and my players want to come and beat the crap out of me, I think, that somebody should be whispering in my ear, 'Sign Kap, sign Kap.' Because that can redeem you, I would think, just from a public relations standpoint."

Geragos' latest comments came just two weeks after he predicted that Kaepernick would be signed by a team by November 11. Although he was wrong with that prediction, there is an upside to that for him: It's only going to make his collusion case stronger. 

"I have to say, I just thought it was a no-brainer that somebody would do the right thing and sign him, and the fact that they haven't, thank you very much," Geragos said. "They just made this case even stronger."

As Geragos noted, he plans to request a deposition of McNair, which could potentially force the Texans owner to explain why he didn't sign the best free agent quarterback available. Earlier this month, CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora also reported that Geragos plans to depose "the Ravens (who publicly considered signing Kaepernick), Seahawks (who met with Kaepernick) and Titans (who did not contact Kaepernick after working out quarterbacks this season). In addition, that request also went out to commissioner Roger Goodell and other execs at the league office."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could also be facing a deposition request in the case. 

As for Kaepernick, although he's been keeping a low profile, he did emerge in the public eye on Monday when <em>GQ</em> named him their "Citizen of the Year."

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