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The CDC has recommended everyone wear masks in public to protect against the coronavirus, and some cities and states have made it a requirement. Not everyone is all-in on wearing face coverings, so one company is giving Kansas City residents extra motivation to mask up.

A company called Raygun is selling masks that say, "Help keep Patrick Mahomes safe: Wear a mask."

It goes without saying that Kansas City Chiefs fans would want to keep the defending Super Bowl MVP and former NFL MVP safe.

Raygun wrote on Twitter:

"KC, remember how happy you were after the Super Bowl? well, now imagine if Mahomes got Covid & with diminished lung capacity couldn't repeat. Masks aren't just for YOU, they're for Mahomes, too! do your part."

The masks are already quite popular in the area and are going for $15 with 35 percent of the profits going to food banks in the community. 

"We started selling them on (June) 23rd and they have been one of our best selling masks since then — we had a bit over 300 sold in our first week," Raygun tweeted. 

Monday is the first day Kansas City is requiring face coverings to be worn in public after the cases in the city have increased. 

Right now, the NFL plans to start the season on time, with the Chiefs kicking off the regular season at home against the Houston Texans.

If fans are permitted at games, it will likely be at a lesser capacity.