Never say that Kirk Cousins does not know how to capitalize on a financial opportunity. Cousins has been one of the NFL's most well-compensated players over the past several seasons, making $19,953,000 on the franchise tag with Washington back in 2016 and $23,943,600 on the tag in 2017 before signing a massive, three-year, $84 million, fully-guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason. 

But now Cousins has found another potential revenue stream: trademarks. According to Sportsnaut, Cousins filed an application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in an attempt to trademark the phrase, "YOU VIKE THAT!" 

Of course, "YOU VIKE THAT!" is a play on Cousins' famous catchphrase, "YOU LIKE THAT!," which became at thing after he screamed it at a group of reporters following a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2015. 

Now that Cousins is with Minnesota, if he's got the opportunity to turn his catchphrase into a cash-phrase, why not go for it? This is an obvious move.