Two weeks after hitting the links with Peyton Manning, Donald Trump found a new quarterback to play golf with over the weekend. This time around, instead of playing with a retired quarterback, Trump hit the links with a QB who's actually still playing: Kirk Cousins

The president and the Redskins quarterback got in a round of golf together on Saturday at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, N.J.

Before anyone tries to turn this into a political debate, Cousins would like you to know that his round of golf had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the fact that he thought it would be cool to play golf with the President of the United States. 

You can see the duo together below. 

"I didn't ever think that would happen," Cousins said of playing golf with the president, via the Washington Post

Cousins also said he'd be willing to play with any other presidents, so if you're reading Obama, feel free to give him a call. 

"Had a good enough time that if there's any former presidents in the D.C. area that want to give me a call, I'd love to meet them at one of the courses around here," Cousins said. "I know lots of them are members at these courses and I'm not, so I'd love to get on and get to met them. Republican, Democrat, left, right, I'd love an invite."

Of course, if Cousins were to golf with Obama, he'd probably have to spend the entire round explaining that he doesn't have the power to change the Redskins' name. 

As for his golf round with Trump, Cousins told the Post it was a "great experience," and I'm guessing that's because the duo probably spent most of their day talking about how it's impossible to get anything done in Washington. The only thing in D.C. that moves slower than Congress is the Redskins' contract negotiations with Cousins.