The Washington Redskins had a pretty massive "oh dear god no" moment on Sunday afternoon against the Saints, nearly losing both Kirk Cousins and Chris Thompson on the same play while holding a lead in New Orleans. 

The good news is Cousins, who took a big shot to the head on the play in question, was able to come back and throw a touchdown pass to extend the Redskins' lead to 24-13 (at the time). The very bad news is that Thompson appeared to suffer a pretty major leg injury and was carted off with an air cast on his leg and a towel over his head. It felt like a season-ending situation, as Troy Aikman articulated in the booth.

Thompson was injured while blocking as Cousins ran in his direction. A pile-up ensued and he had his leg bent up underneath a Saints player.

When you see the play at full speed, it was pretty terrifying for both guys, but primarily Thompson, who very clearly appeared to suffer an extremely painful injury as soon as the play happened. Thompson stayed on the ground and was eventually carted off. It was clear from the get-go it was a serious injury.

It was announced after the game that Thompson's injury was a fractured fibula and that he would miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery. He's clearly been Washington's most effective running back, particularly in the passing game.

The Cousins thing was bizarre though: the quarterback took a huge shot to the head and it appeared like he might have suffered a concussion. But the Redskins quarterback barely missed any time, quickly coming back on the field and tossing a touchdown for what appeared to be the "dagger" TD -- Troy Aikman's words -- for the Redskins to take a 24-13 lead. 

Credit Cousins for staying in the pocket and hanging tough there. He got mashed by a Saints defense that sold out to blitz. But it paid off with Ryan Grant literally waltzing into the end zone. It would not be weird to question how the quarterback managed to return so quickly in the face of a potential concussion situation.

It is also fair to wonder how the Redskins would later throw another touchdown pass to take a 31-16 lead with less than six minutes left and still manage to lose the game. Like Thompson, their season is likely over after Sunday's blown lead in New Orleans.