Kirk Cousins rumors: QB drops, deletes hints about possible new teams in D.C. farewell

The biggest offseason domino is Kirk Cousins. His decision to sign will formally indicate the start of free agency, even if it technically begins at 4 p.m. ET when the new league year starts. And the former Redskins quarterback, in his goodbye to his old team and city, may have hinted about where he's going with an accidental (?) HTML slipup. 

Cousins posted a nice note to the Redskins and to the city of Washington, D.C. on his website (, which is a fine website URL but definitely not as good as or and spent a lot of words talking about how much he appreciated his time in Washington, how he'll always be emotional about his time there, yada yada yada. 

At the end of the post, as is the case with many different posts on the Internet, there were tags. If you don't know, tags are basically relevant terms to a story that are included for either website management or search engine purposes. 

In Cousins' case, the decision to make his tags public may have backfired, because whoever posted the story included the tag "Jets" and the tag "Vikings." Perhaps there aren't four teams in the running after all

One of two things is happening here. Either 1) Cousins is a smokescreening master who has heard the rumors about what teams want to sign him and understands that by putting this out there on the first day of legal tampering that he's managing to strike some fear into the hearts of the Broncos and Cardinals thereby potentially driving up his already astronomical price, or 2) Whoops. 

It looks like it might be No. 2, because Cousins -- or, more likely, whoever runs Cousins' website -- already went into the CMS and deleted those two tags. 


Now, you'll also notice there are a lot of other random tags in there. "Gratitude" and "happy" both make sense but are wholly unnecessary if you're trying to really manage tags efficiently. "Moving" also qualifies as something that could be omitted. "Classic"? OK, sure. 

Whatever, the point being is that the guy who posts on Cousins' website got too cute with this. He was slapping up tags aggressively, forgot they were published and really forgot we all have too much time on our hands and we will spot your error on social media and dig DEEP to figure out exactly what it all MEANS. 

But here's the reality: Cousins, as reported all along by our NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, might be deciding between the Jets and Vikings. The Cardinals and Broncos are theoretically capable of making a run at him, and Arizona might very well be prepping a monster offer, but if his website is any indication, they could very well be fighting an uphill battle.  

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