Kirk Cousins tries to hold a giveaway for Vikings fans on Twitter and it turns into a disaster

There's a good chance that Kirk Cousins is never going to hold another giveaway on Twitter ever again after what happened during the Vikings quarterback's most recent attempt. 

At some point this week, Cousins decided he wanted to give something away to a lucky fan and since he's a nice guy, he asked fans for their input on what the giveaway should be. That's when things went off the rails. 

First, here's the tweet that Cousins sent out. 

 After Cousins sent out his tweet, one very smart person on Twitter predicted that chaos would ensue.  

That prediction ended up being correct. 

Although the signed jersey was winning Cousins' poll, it's actually kind of surprising that "other" wasn't winning and that's because Vikings fans had a few other ideas about what Cousins should give away. For the most part, it seems that Vikings fans want him to give himself away. 

With that in mind, let's check out the things that fans want him to give away. 

The next guy doesn't want Cousins to give away anything, he just wants him to produce some first downs. 

That's not bad advice. 

Let's move on. 

Basically, it seems like there are still a few Vikings fans out there who aren't too happy about the fact that their team gave Cousins a fully-guaranteed, three-year deal worth $84 million. The moral of the story here is that if you're ever going to give anything away on Twitter, you should just give it away and totally skip the part where you ask the fans what they want you to give away. 

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