Kirk Cousins waiting for 'decision-makers' on Redskins to decide on his future

ORLANDO, Fla. -- When asked about how former offensive coordinator Sean McVay schemed up his offense, quarterback Kirk Cousins referred to the Redskins as "we."

When asked about the group of running backs currently on the Washington roster, Cousins again made himself sound like he was part of the team: "We feel like we've got three guys that now have a lot of valuable playing time ... and we'll see," he said.

He even used the pronoun again when specifically mentioning running back Chris Thompson: "We've got to bring him back."

Sounds like Cousins knows for sure he's going to be back with Washington, right?

Not so fast.

A day after both coach Jay Gruden and team president Bruce Allen threw their support behind Cousins as their quarterback-of-the-now, Cousins wouldn't quite reciprocate.

"I'm just staying ready and looking forward to an opportunity," Cousins told CBS Sports on Wednesday following a Pro Bowl practice. "I'd love to build something in Washington, we'll see if the decision-makers let that happen."

Cousins' tune hasn't seemed to have changed in three weeks. Immediately after Washington's season-ending loss to the Giants on New Year's Day, the quarterback shrugged off questions regarding his future, saying, "the ball's not in my court."

To be fair, Cousins is right. If it were up to him, he'd want to sign a lavish long-term deal for lots of guaranteed money.

But Washington doesn't seem to be committed to doing that.

Last year, Washington held on to him by using the franchise tag -- and paying him nearly $20 million. The organization could do the exact same thing this spring, though this time around it's expected to cost them more than $24 million for 2017.

According to, Washington has $60 million in cap space. They can afford to tag Cousins and still have plenty of dough left to improve the roster.

Perhaps the writing is on the wall that Cousins will be back in 2017. Gruden has said as much, as has Allen, and those are two of the decision-makers Cousins speaks of.

But what hasn't been said is how Gruden, Allen and the Washington franchise feel about Cousins beyond 2017. And sometimes, what is left unsaid speaks volumes.

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