Kubiak: Foster's back injury bothering him 'in his legs' too

Arian Foster's back injury is creeping into his legs now?
Arian Foster's now experiencing some pain in his legs as well. Yikes. (USATSI)

Arian Foster carried the ball 351 times in the regular season and another 54 in the postseason in 2012. There are plenty of people concerned about his health heading into 2013 given all that information.

The latest update on Sunday from Texans coach Gary Kubiak won't do much to calm that concern either -- Kubiak said that the back pain Foster was dealing with has been "bothering him in his legs" as well. Ruh-roh.

"Yeah, he just has some lower back soreness that is bothering him in his legs a little bit," Kubiak said. "He’s had some injections to try and alleviate some of the soreness and stuff. The way I understand it right now, we’re trying to get through the injection process, that it’s causing some discomfort and it's something that's going to take some time for him to get through."

That's absolutely terrifying, right? Foster's still young and he's been pretty durable since taking over the Texans starting gig, missing just three games in 2011.

But as we creep closer and closer to the season it sure seems like Foster is further and further from getting back on the field. He's "still experiencing some soreness" and last the doctors checked they want to "give it a few more days."

"I’m going to have to make a decision what I’m doing on Tuesday," Kubiak said. "As of right now, we’ve met with the doctors that have been treating Arian’s back yesterday, right before the game or a couple of hours before the game. It was determined that they want to give it a few more days or whatever that period of time is before they put him back out there. He’s still experiencing some soreness so the decision was made yesterday that he would not return tomorrow.”

Having said all that, Kubiak claims "everything looks fine" when it comes to Foster and the team is just trying to time everything correctly.

“No, they’ve done numerous MRIs and everything looks fine," Kubiak said. "They’re just trying to make sure that he’s comfortable with how he is feeling and where we’re at before we say ‘go.’ You know, the thing about nowadays it’s always a question of when you yank him off the PUP, so we’re trying to do it at the right time when we know he is ready to step out there and play.”

There's no way around it: this is a concern. Foster may end up being fine and the Texans are lucky because they can essentially plug and play Ben Tate in that running game. But it's pretty close to the season and Foster hasn't made his way onto the field to show that he's healthy. Be optimistic all you want but there's got to be some worry for the Texans here.

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