Kurt Warner clarifies what he meant when he said he wanted to play again in 2018

Yes, Kurt Warner said this week that he had a conversation about playing in the NFL again.

"I was actually ready to, for this coming season, I actually talked to a coach and my wife said, 'Go for it, I think it would be great,'" Warner said Monday during an appearance in the St. Louis Cardinals' broadcast booth. "So I actually talked to a coach about possibly doing it if they needed someone, but then they went out and signed somebody. I don't think they thought I was serious. So I think we're completely done now."

Turns out, at least according to Warner, this was more a case of him thinking out loud than making firm plans to come out of retirement eight years after playing in his last NFL game.

Warner later tweeted, "I simply mentioned that I had thrown a text to a coaching friend -- saying I think I could give him one more year if he needed me! This was not 'I'm dead set on making a comeback' just friends having a [conversation]!!"

Fair enough and Warner expressed similar sentiments on Monday when pressed on if he would really consider a comeback at the age of 46.

"I don't know if I would ever really do it, because it's easy to sit up here and go, 'I feel great, I can throw it in my backyard, I could still play in the NFL,'" Warner said. "I have too much respect for the game and those guys. But there have been moments where I was like, I feel so good and I look at the state of the quarterbacks sometimes in the league and say, I think I could do it better than them if I could get back up to form and spend some time. I'm just hoping that one team, at some point, gives me another 7-on-7. Just give me 20 plays and let me see if I can still do it."

Either way, Pro Football Talk speculates that Warner's explanation -- "I simply mentioned that I had thrown a text to a coaching friend -- saying I think I could give him one more year if he needed me!" -- points to the Chargers; Warner is close with Los Angeles offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. But that ship has sailed; the Chargers signed veteran Geno Smith (he's 19 years younger than Warner) on April 3, and he joins Cardale Jones as the backup behind 36-year-old Philip Rivers. If you're keeping score, Rivers is currently the fifth-oldest active NFL quarterback behind Tom Brady (40), Drew Brees (38), Josh McCown (38) and Eli Manning (37). 

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