Kurt Warner: Ryan Nassib lacks 'wow factor'

Kurt Warner is not impressed by Ryan Nassib, but the Bills seem high on him. (USATSI)

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib has been climbing draft boards in recent days, with some analysts predicting him going as high as No. 8 overall to Buffalo. Recently, ESPN's Jon Gruden labeled Nassib the draft's best quarterback overall, citing both his brains and ability to tuck and run.

Former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Kurt Warner, however, does not agree.

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“Watching film of this guy -- not overly impressive on film,” Warner said on NFL AM Tuesday, according to ProFootballTalk.com. “If you’re drafting a quarterback in the first round, you’re drafting a franchise quarterback, a guy who you believe can win Super Bowls for you. Otherwise, why draft a guy that high? You need a guy that can do everything, and I didn’t see on film this guy having the ability to do everything. He didn’t wow me when I saw him on film.

“I want to see that wow factor from a guy I’m drafting in the first round, and I just didn’t see it from Ryan."

Nassib's situation is certainly interesting. He seems to be an ideal fit in Buffalo, given the Bills' new head coach, Doug Marrone, coached the quarterback at Syracuse. The question, really, is how high can Buffalo justify drafting Nassib?

They can pass at No. 8, but there's no guarantee he sticks around until round two. However, it's hard to imagine any team other than the Bills taking Nassib ahead of EJ Manuel and Geno Smith -- not to mention Matt Barkley -- so Buffalo may be able to get the best of both worlds and take Nassib in the second round.

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