Kyle Shanahan giggles at Rex Grossman's read-option skills

Will Grossman continue to inspire laughs from his offensive coordinator? (USATSI)
Will Grossman continue to inspire laughs from his offensive coordinator? (USATSI)

It sounds like Redskins backup Kirk Cousins wasn’t that upset with the team recently signing quarterback Pat White, especially since Cousins figures White can be used as a Robert Griffin III injury fill-in when the team works on the read-option offense during offseason workouts.

“While I believe [I] can to some degree run those kind of things, the zone-read stuff is going to be much better with a Pat White-type athlete in there who's closer to Robert's skill set,” Cousins said recently.

Well, at least Cousins isn’t getting laughed at when a read-option play is called for him. Unlike somebody else he knows: like, um, newly re-signed Redskins backup Rex Grossman.

“Kyle Shanahan could not call that play without laughing while he called it for me,” Grossman told ESPN 980 (via "Whether Kirk could, we’ll see. But it takes some getting used to. And if they are gonna run it with Kirk, they’d definitely need to practice it a lot.”

So, we can expect the offense to change drastically if Griffin is hurt and Grossman somehow has to play.

It makes sense that White basically is a training camp body who will have a tough time making the team -- especially since he has been out of football so long and because he basically was irrelevant when he was playing with the Dolphins. But we’ve already seen Grossman (mostly) fail as the Redskins' starter in 2011.

Aside from another season as the team’s assumed third quarterback, what other value does he bring to the team?

“I really haven’t played a whole lot of football," Grossman said. "… It’s been an odd journey, and … all I know is I’m just excited to be back in the organization. I love everybody that I’ll be working with, teammates and coaches and everybody. So it’s just all positive for me, and I just want to go out there and do things right, help Robert and Kirk as much as I can and get better myself.”

Or, at the very least, keep his offensive coordinator from cracking up.

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