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The San Francisco 49ers are entering their fifth season with Kyle Shanahan at the helm, and you have to imagine that the front office is happy with the hire they made in 2017. While Shanahan has gone 31-36 overall as head coach, the 49ers -- when healthy -- have been legitimate contenders. In the lone season where quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo remained healthy for all 16 games, the 49ers went 13-3 and made it to Super Bowl LIV.

It has been an interesting run thus far for Shanahan and the 49ers, and it was something that almost didn't come to fruition. Recently, Shanahan appeared on the Flying Coach podcast with Sean McVay and Peter Schrager, and he said that he almost canceled the interview with the 49ers because he was exhausted. Shanahan apparently had several interviews before his sit-down with the 49ers, and was in the midst of a playoff run with the Atlanta Falcons

Shanahan also said that in watching his father's career, he learned that he didn't want to sign on to coach a team that did not have an established quarterback. The 49ers certainly did not have an established quarterback at the time, which had Shanahan less than enthusiastic about the franchise's prospects. 

"So when I looked at San Francisco, I was nervous because they didn't have that setup, and they had changed coaches three years in a row," Shanahan said, via "Their offense was ranked 31st. Their defense was ranked 32nd. It wasn't the best situation."

When Shanahan eventually sat down with 49ers CEO Jed York and EVP of football operations Paraag Marathe, the "interview" felt more like a conversation as opposed to a sales pitch. Shanahan said that he wasn't trying too hard to get the job and they weren't trying too hard to sell him on the position.

"And I told them all the issues that I thought that there was, the stuff I was worried about," said Shanahan. "And Jed told me where they thought they were, where he wanted to be. We had a connection because my dad was the coach there when [Jed's] uncle was the owner. I was a ball boy there from sixth grade to ninth grade. The last time I was with the Niners was when Steve Young won the Super Bowl, and I was always the ball boy there."

By the time the interview ended, Shanahan's perspective apparently had totally changed. 

"My wife asked me which [team] I liked the most," Shanahan said. "I'm like, 'Actually, the Niners is the only one I really feel good about,' and it shocked her because she knew how I talked the morning before."

The rest is history. Shanahan eventually agreed to become the new head coach of the 49ers and helped escort the franchise into the future.