INDIANAPOLIS -- The idea of the Arizona Cardinals taking a quarterback in back-to-back drafts is pretty absurd, considering the price they paid for Josh Rosen, trading up to snag the UCLA quarterback at No. 10 overall, and the year-long investment they have in him. 

But the idea didn't really get quashed on Wednesday at the 2019 NFL Combine, with Cardinals GM Steve Keim not exactly throwing cold water on the idea of taking another quarterback. Asked about whether or not Josh Rosen is the Cards' quarterback, Keim offered the always dangerous qualifier "right now."

"Is Josh Rosen our quarterback? Yeah, he is, right now, for sure," Keim said.

Imagine your spouse hearing she's your wife ... "right now." It wouldn't go over well! But this is draft season. There are teams who are without a quarterback, but Keim also has to keep his options open, having admittedly not taken a deep dive into the quarterback class. 

Asked on CBS Sports HQ to clarify that remark, Keim emphasized that "Josh Rosen is our guy" in a conversation with Pete Prisco.

"Josh is obviously a guy we love. We traded up from 15 to 10 to take him. He's got a great skill set. He certainly showed me a lot of poise last year," Keim said. "Way more mental and physical toughness than I even anticipated. I think it's one of those things where people want to really talk about 'You're going to take a quarterback at one and all those different options' -- we're 57 days away from the draft and we went into this offseason knowing that Josh Rosen is our guy."

That's certainly much more emphatic in terms of the Cardinals plans moving forward. And Prisco believes that ultimately the Cardinals will decide to stick with Rosen. 

Despite all that, there is rampant speculation in NFL circles that Arizona might still be interested in taking Murray with the first overall pick. We discussed it on the Pick Six Podcast Thursday -- a rousing episode with Brady Quinn, Pete Prisco and Jamey Eisenberg live from the combine, you can get the pod delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing right here -- and there's a pretty strong disagreement between the parties about Murray potentially landing with Arizona.

"Rosen will be their quarterback," Prisco said. "Kliff Kingsbury ain't making that decision."

Brady's argument for taking Kyler first overall (or just getting him on the Cardinals however it happens) is that Kingsbury needs a quarterback who works inside of his offense.

"Look at his systems, look at the quarterbacks who have been successful with what he's had, as far as putting up stats and numbers, you've got to have a guy who is more mobile," Quinn pointed out. 

Kyler obviously fits that mold, with more than 1,000 yards rushing last year. Rosen? Not so much. 

My biggest problem with Arizona's situation, and I've made this argument numerous times including in my mock draft featuring the Cardinals taking Murray, is that if you deal Rosen you have to be able to get value commensurate with the player you'd get at No. 1 overall. 

That sounds crazy but think about it like this: if you stick with Rosen, you can take Nick Bosa first overall. If you trade Rosen and take Kyler with the first pick, you need to be able to get a player back that is equivalent to Bosa or might equal Bosa's value, unless you're that confident of Murray being so much better than Rosen. (I don't think anyone can be that confident about it; Murray might be great, but he's a polarizing prospect and there are certainly flaws to his game, just like any young quarterback.)

For instance, if you could trade Rosen to the Dolphins or Redskins for a first-round pick and then land someone like Christian Wilkins, great. Wilkins and Murray is a nice haul. But if you're dealing Rosen for a mid-second round pick, that's not the same tradeoff and you have to question whether or not Murray can make up the value over what Rosen provides in that scenario. 

It's a complicated situation for Arizona that ultimately might be best solved with standing pat at the quarterback position and adding another player of value at the top of the draft. That reality and the logic surrounding it won't stop the rumors from percolating around the combine about Kyler and the Cardinals though.