Kyler Murray's decision sent both football and baseball Twitter into a frenzy

The big news of the day Monday came when Kyler Murray announced his intentions to play football over baseball, paving the way for Murray to potentially be drafted in the first round of April's NFL Draft.

The Heisman-winning quarterback was also taken in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft, going ninth overall to the Oakland Athletics. Picking the NFL means that Murray will have to give back most of the nearly $5 million signing bonus he received from the A's since he will not report to spring training.

Murray's decision comes after weeks of speculation surrounding which sport he might (or should) choose and why. A tremendous athlete, his future appeared to be bright in both sports, but ultimately football won out. 

Of course, that big decision sent shock waves through the sports world and sparked quite an array of reactions from folks on social media. 

And while a large number of people seem to think that Murray made the right decision by choosing football, the choice was obviously met by a lot of disappointment from baseball fans. There were plenty of responses surrounding the misfortune of the Athletics, who now lose a top pick without compensation. But, hey, that's the risk they took in drafting Murray and hoping that they could convince him to stick with baseball.

Now, Murray will head toward a career in the NFL with plenty of pressure on his shoulders. Being a talented two-sport athlete gave him the luxury of being able to choose the path that he felt was best for him, but it will also likely bring additional scrutiny and questions to the already stressful life of an NFL quarterback. Just think about how many people will be quick to question him if he struggles in the NFL. 

Hopefully he's as good at blocking out the noise as he was at blocking out the questions about his decision.

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