Lance Easley: 'No doubt' he made the right call at end of Packers-Seahawks

Lance Easley, the replacement referee who signaled touchdown at the end of the infamous Packers-Seahawks game, appeared on The NFL Today on Sunday and said there's no doubt that he made the correct call on the field.

CBS' James Brown asked Easley if, having had time to go back and look at the play over and over again, he has any doubts about the call he made.

"No, not a doubt," Easley said. "Both players had possession at that point. They were wrapped around it like a meatball and their arms were like spaghetti."

Easley said that the call was his to make and that he "had the play the entire way." He also told Brown he's actually doing fine right now, despite the vitriol sent his way.

"I want to come out and let people know I'm OK," Easley said. "This is part of the deal. Officials -- the guys who are out there now, any official -- understand that going in."

Brown asked Easley if he'd consider stepping onto an NFL field to fill in as a replacement ref again, knowing how things went this time around. Easley's answer was surprising.

"In a heartbeat," Easley said. "Because it was enjoyable, and it was exactly what we all like to do as officials. We like to work the best game at the highest level. And there's not an official out there who would say any different, that they wouldn't want to have that opportunity."

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