Laurel or Yanny? It's the internet's greatest debate and the Patriots have an answer

You may have noticed, if you've been on the internet at all in the past three days, that everyone is talking about only one thing. That one thing is actually a question: Laurel or Yanny?

The debate is tearing America apart at the seams and dividing the country. It all started earlier this week when someone posted a pronunciation of the word "Laurel" from 

What happened next was total chaos.

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After the audio recording was put on the internet, people couldn't agree if they were hearing the word "Laurel" or the word "Yanny."

Although that clip clearly says Laurel, apparently there are people out there who hear Yanny, so that's where we are right now. 

The debate got so big that even NFL teams started arguing about it. Take the Panthers for instance -- they couldn't seem to agree on what exactly they were hearing. 

Poor NFL Films. Things got so confusing that they had to change their address out of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. 

In Buffalo, LeSean McCoy and Dion Dawkins spent some serious time debating about what they actually heard. 

The good news for everyone is that the debate might finally be over, because it appears the Patriots have figured everything out. 

Wait. No. This is even worse, they didn't figure anything out: THEY STARTED A NEW DEBATE. We should probably all take a one month break from the internet. Oh, and I hear "Brady."

If you want to know the explanation for why people hear both names and if you want to hear both names for yourself, feel free to check out this story from the New York Times by clicking here

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