In Leonard Fournette's first regular season in the NFL, he rushed for 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns in 13 games, rewarding the Jaguars for their decision to pick him fourth overall in last year's draft. Even he understands that his success wasn't just about himself. 

As the Jaguars get set to begin their postseason run after a 10-6 season, Fournette made sure his offensive line understood just how much he appreciates their ability to open up holes by buying Rolex watches (with their numbers and initials engraved on each watch) for seven of the Jaguars' offensive linemen. They're expected to arrive on Friday. 

"Just to show them the dedication and all the hard work they put in to help me to get me where I'm at and also for this team," Fournette said, via ESPN. "Their hard work doesn't go unnoticed."

"I couldn't do it myself," Fournette also said. "I can't block 11 guys on my own. That's the O-line, and wide receivers, too. They played a big part of contributing to me getting 1,000 yards."

According to Football Outsiders, the Jaguars' offensive line ranked 13th in run blocking. So, it's not like they were a dominant unit. Then again, neither was Fournette when you factor in his average yards per carry (3.9). Still, the Jaguars finished the season as the league's top rushing team in terms of yards per game (141.4) in large part because they led the league in rushing attempts with 527. Their running game takes on even more importance when you consider the inconsistencies of their Blake Bortles-led passing game.

The Jaguars will begin their playoff run against the Bills on Sunday. In the regular season, the Bills gave up the fourth-most rushing yards per game (124.6). So, don't be surprised to see the Jaguars lean on Fournette and the offensive line as they try to win their first playoff game since the 2007 season.