Leonard Fournette explains why he was waving for Mike Mitchell to come get him

Anyone who has paid attention to anything when it comes to football this year probably agrees the Jacksonville Jaguars being good is one of the biggest surprises in the entire league. Credit Leonard Fournette, the rookie running back out of LSU, for changing the dynamic of the team on offense.

Fournette, drafted No. 4 overall by Jacksonville in the 2017 NFL Draft, has given Doug Marrone a way to keep the focus off of quarterback Blake Bortles thanks to his hard-nosed rushing style. 

The bruising runner has been able to wear opposing defenses down, so if the Jags defense can keep the game close or blank the other team, Fournette is set up to just pound the rock. He does it with a delightful level of violence, which was perfectly exhibited against the Steelers when Fournette was literally inviting contact.

After coming around the right end and getting in the open field, Fournette was spotted <em>waving</em> at Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, literally asking him to come and get some. 

Appearing on the CBS Sports Pick Six Podcast (subscribe on iTunes here), courtesy of Met RX, Fournette told us that he did in fact wave at Mitchell and that he was looking to tangle with the safety.

"Yeah, most definitely," Fournette confirmed. "That's how it came out -- me and Mike were going at it the whole game and I finally got my chance with a one-on-one. And I just told him, 'Come on, let's go.'"

The Jags running back declined to say who won, however, pointing out that it was more about "earning each other's respect."

"I don't know. It was in the moment. I just wanted to go at it with him," Fournette said. "It's a part of competing with each other. I don't even want to say competing but earning each other's respect."

You could clearly see that, after the play, Mitchell went nuts believing that he won the battle. It looked like Fournette was telling him "no, sir," but the running back is right: there wasn't really a winner or a loser. Except for all of us -- we all won because we got to see Fournette wave in Mitchell's direction.

You can check out our full show and subscribe to iTunes, or simply listen to the interview with Fournette below. The running back also talked about the surprising start for the Jags, what he's doing on his bye week, LSU's season, Ed Orgeron's coaching style and how he decided to melt down all of his old trophies and have them turned into weights for a local Jacksonville high school. 

The decision was part of Met RX's "Greater than Gold" program and it's pretty cool -- Fournette is literally taking his success and giving back directly to younger athletes.

"That's a proud moment, to know that your hard work can pay off in other ways," Fournette said. 

Listen to the full interview below:

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