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Tom Brady has already indicated he doesn't plan on leaving the NFL, searching for even more championships in his mid-40s. Brady has ambitions to still be playing at age 45 -- or when his current contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers expires. LeSean McCoy, who spent this past season as Brady's teammate in Tampa Bay, doesn't see the GOAT hanging up his cleats any time soon. 

McCoy was discussing his relationship with Brady and his Buccaneers teammates this year, explaining how the bond of football keeps Brady coming back for more -- even though he has accomplished basically everything in his 21-year career. 

"We have about eight, nine, maybe 10 players in a group chat. All the skill guys," McCoy said, via Chris Mason of "All the guys that were active to play. And he's going into details about every player we're going against. He's like, a voice over. It's a video playing and it's only him. He's got the candles lit. He's like, 'This DB, he likes to press. He likes to hold. He doesn't have good speed.' With everybody. I'm like, 'this guy is so dialed in.' 

"He's 43! He's dialed in. He can play another five years. Just because, not only just the talent or the big arm and all that. It's just like, he gets it. He gets it."

The team bond inspires Brady to keep performing at an elite level. Brady's numbers after turning 40 are incredible, completing 64.62% of his passes for 17,622 yards with 125 touchdowns to just 39 interceptions. He has the most touchdown passes and passing yards after turning 40 in NFL history and his 47 wins since turning 40 are the most for an NFL quarterback. Brady also has been named a league MVP and Super Bowl MVP, while winning two of his seven Super Bowl titles since turning 40 -- all Hall of Fame-worthy accomplishments. 

Brady has no plans to leave the game after setting the NFL record for touchdown passes in his first season with a new team (40) and having the second-most passing yards in his Year One with a new team (4,633). He finished second in the NFL in completions (401), tied for second in passing touchdowns and third in passing yards -- along with winning the Super Bowl title.

There's no reason for Brady to retire at this point.