LeSean McCoy is 'not a big fan of rookies' but thinks Josh Allen is 'pretty good'

LeSean McCoy has played nine NFL seasons so far. After finishing his own rookie season, he played with 90 different rookies over the next eight years with the Eagles and Bills. And if you caught him in an honest moment, he'd probably tell you that he's not really fond of playing alongside first-year players. 

It appears that new Bills quarterback Josh Allen is shaping up like an exception to Shady's rule -- in much the same way that Buffalo's 2017 first-rounder was an exception to the same rule. 

"I have to be honest, he's pretty good," McCoy said of Allen, per the Bills' official website. "I'm not a big fan of rookies. The best rookie I've probably liked in my career has been Tre (Tre'Davious White). Tre's really good. A lot of guys as rookies, they're not like him. The quarterback is on that level: he's good, he's smart, [but] he has to learn, of course. He's thrown some passes that probably shouldn't have been thrown, but other than that he has a strong arm, [he is] very intelligent. He's too smart. Sometimes, we have conversations, and I'm like, 'Easy, this is not like an exam. Just talk to me. You can say 'yo, what's up.'"

Even though he likes what he's seen so far, McCoy doesn't want to get ahead of himself just yet. 

"I don't want to make him a Jim Kelly already, but he's got to learn different things," he said. "He's a rookie. Quarterback is such an important role. He's like a coach on the field as far as making the right reads, being confident. He has so much he has to learn from his position to the wide receivers to the lineman, protections. He has a lot on his plate. Other than that, just talent wise and intelligence, he has it to be a starting quarterback and also a franchise quarterback. 

"He's impressive, you've seen him. He's confident. One of the practices, he threw a pick, he came back, it was a two-minute drill, came down and scored. He does things like puts the ball in the right places, jump balls, back shoulders, all the things that you have to remind [and] emphasize to a player. He [already] kind of has it."

The Bills certainly share the same beliefs McCoy has, or else they wouldn't have traded up in the first round to select Allen. He's been lauded for his arm strength throughout his career, but draftniks tended to focus on his accuracy and decision-making as things that need improvement. If he wants to live up to what McCoy expects of him, he'll have to do exactly that. 

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