The Chiefs cutting Jeremy Macklin on Friday caught everyone by surprise, including the guy who was planning on throwing him passes during the 2017 season. 

Maclin shouldn't be a free agent long, and there are roughly 31 teams who will at least inquire into his availability. Even though the Bills landed in Sean Wagner-McGough's "Never Say Never" list, they might be considered a strong candidate.

That's because multiple players on the Bills are recruiting Maclin to join them in Buffalo. That includes Maclin's old teammate -- and big-time Golden State Warriors supporter -- LeSean McCoy, who told Mike Rodak of ESPN that he's been letting Maclin know he wants company in Buffalo. 

"I know he could help us out tremendously," McCoy said. "I've been doing my recruiting already, and don't be surprised if it happens."

McCoy also said that he was the first person to contact Maclin after the news broke, although he admitted nothing is a sure thing in the business of football.

"That would be cool to have another weapon on the offense," McCoy said. "But you never know. A lot of things would have to work out for that to happen. You know how the business goes."

The problem with the Bills is that there might not be such a clear path to starting snaps for Maclin in Buffalo. Sammy Watkins is the clear No. 1 for the Bills and the team just drafted Zay Jones out of ECU, a prolific college receiver who is expected to step in and start catching passes right out of the gate. 

Plus there's a whole host of other teams who would make a lot of sense for Maclin, which means there will be plenty of competition for his services.

Fortunately for the Bills, McCoy is going to get some help from his quarterback too. Tyrod Taylor, who was at Shady's charity softball game, said he wants to get Maclin's number so he can call the receiver and try to recruit him.

"Would love to have a guy like him on our team competing and coming out and making plays for us," Taylor said. "Especially means a lot to our wide receiver room, putting another veteran guy with a whole bunch of talent and still potential left to reach his best. I would love to have him."

Even with Watkins and Jones on the roster, there should be ample room for the Bills when it comes to that group of wideouts. Watkins has been injured frequently throughout his career and Jones is a rookie. Behind them are Andre Holmes and Philly Brown. If something happens to Watkins, this is a major weak spot for Buffalo. 

Maclin could very well make a lot of sense in Buffalo, and if the players are capable of helping to sway the front office, it's quite possible that he ends up playing with McCoy and Taylor.