Let's see how NFL Twitter reacted to the Josh Gordon suspension

Browns receiver Josh Gordon was arrested on Saturday morning. (USATSI)
Josh Gordon is banned for one year by the NFL. (USATSI)

It took 23 days, but the NFL finally dropped the hammer on Browns wideout Josh Gordon, suspending him for one calendar year for his violation of the league's substance abuse policy.

People on Twitter had this to say about the seemingly injust justice.

First, let's get some legalese out of the way: 

And we're off, and of course it makes sense to think of this in light of the two-game suspension for Ravens RB Ray Rice. 

And how it ties into certain domestic causes. 

And what was up with the NFL taking so long with all this suspension nonsense? 

Guess how old Josh Gordon is? He's 23 years old! 23 seconds, 23 days, 23 years ... LeBron is wearing No. 23 in Cleveland now. Oh. My. Gawsh. 

Let's talk about what really matters, though, and that's what he meant to the team on the field. 

Won't somebody think of Johnny Manziel?! Here's what we're not thinking about: sympathy. 

But we can be sad. Right, former Browns exec Joe Banner?

Now, Joe, the NFL totally did the right thing, right, Trev? 

In conclusion: just make everything legal, please ...

.... and we'll all just play lots of video games. 

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