Last year about this time, Le’Veon Bell decided to put a scare into Steelers fans by tweeting that he was moving on from Pittsburgh but had a great run with the team. 

Everyone freaked out before remembering it was April Fool’s Day. 

The memory must be pretty fresh because almost no one believed Bell when he tweeted Saturday that he is going to sit out the entire season if the Steelers don’t work out a long-term deal and simply pay him on the franchise tag.

Most of the replies to the tweet were people telling him they didn’t buy the prank.

Although not everyone was cool about the situation. Even Najeh Davenport bit!

Just in case, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler decided to check in on the reality of the situation. Bell was indeed joking.

The Steelers probably appreciate the confirmation, because they certainly want Bell in the action this season.

What’s funny is that more people believe that Le’Veon Bell might sit out the year on April Fool’s Day than people believed Ben Roethlisberger might retire months ago.