Le'Veon Bell didn't know he could get a DUI while high

Steelers running backs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were popped for possession of marijuana Wednesday afternoon by the Ross Township Police just hours before a team flight to Philadelphia, though both still played in Thursday's preseason game against the Eagles

Bell is going to face DUI charges after getting behind the wheel of the car while high, something he didn't know could happen according to the criminal complaint obtained by WPXI.

The running back was asked by the officer who pulled him over if he had marijuana in the car. Bell initially said no, but when asked if he smoked any marijuana recently, Bell said he and the others in the car smoked "about a minute ago."

Bell clarified he and the members of the car "smoked within the last two hours," according to the officer.

Le'Veon Bell didn't know he could get a DUI while driving high.
Le'Veon Bell didn't know he could get a DUI while driving high. (USATSI)

The officer then told Bell he would be tested and charged with a DUI for operating a vehicle while high. Bell had no clue he could even get busted for that.

"I didn't know that you could get a DUI for being high," Bell said according to the officer. "I smoked two hours ago. I am not high anymore. I am perfectly fine. Why would I be getting high if I had to get on a plane to make it to my game?"

There's probably a pretty big segment of the population that looks at DUI as "driving drunk" rather than "driving under the influence."

Count Bell as one of those people. And it could end up costing him.

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