If you drafted Le'Veon Bell in your fantasy league last year, then there's a good chance you're probably still a little bitter about what happened. Basically, your pick of Bell went down the drain because he decided not to play in 2018. 

With most fantasy leagues getting ready to hold their draft for 2019, Bell has some advice for everyone, and that advice is that he would basically like you to forget about last year. During an interview on Thursday, Bell was asked where people should pick him in fantasy this season and he offered a one-word answer. 

"First," Bell said, via Pro Football Talk. "As long as this offense does what this offense is going to do, I think anybody could be a No. 1 fantasy guy. We've got so much talent."

Although Bell feels that he should be the first overall pick in your fantasy draft, we should probably point out that our fantasy experts here at CBSSports.com believe that would be a horrible idea. Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard and Heath Cummings have all put together their fantasy rankings for 2019 and Bell didn't crack the top-10 on any of their lists. 

As a matter of fact, Bell's highest ranking came from Richard, who has the Jets running back ranked as the 13th best fantasy player this season (You can check out the full rankings from all three guys by clicking here).

For all you people who drafted Bell last year, the veteran running back definitely seems to be harboring some guilt about killing your season. Not only did he apologize this week for sitting out, but on Thursday, he went into detail about why he apologized. 

"I don't regret sitting out last year, but I wish I could have told fantasy owners some type of way, 'I'm not playing this year,' so they wouldn't have picked me," Bell said. "That's the thing I'm apologizing for, a lot of people picked me not even knowing if I was coming back. That's what I was really sorry about, not because I sat out, but not being able to communicate that to fantasy owners, that I'm not playing. A lot of people feel like they wasted their money. So, I'm sorry again."

The good news for fantasy owners is that it sounds like Bell is determined to make up for lost time last season. Of course, the bad news for fantasy owners is that he'll be joining an offense that finished 23rd in points per game past season 29th in total yards. Bell is definitely an upgrade from what the Jets had last year, but he's going to have to be a huge step up if the Jets are going to make a big improvement over those numbers.