Le'Veon Bell is taking a different approach than New York Jets teammate Jamal Adams to having his name scattered through trade rumors. Leading up to this past Tuesday's trade deadline in the NFL, Bell and Adams were two of the highest-profile players that were seemingly put on the block by New York. In the end, no deal was struck and each player is still in the Big Apple, but it hasn't come without its in-house issues. 

Adams has given the New York brass the silent treatment and neither side has addressed the Jets' attempt at trading him toward one another. Meanwhile, the safety has expressed his displeasure with the team trying to move on from him on social media and told reporters that "it definitely hurt me." As for Bell, he's not taking it so much to heart. 

"If I was a 24-year-old, I probably would have felt the same way," Bell told reporters. "But as a guy who went through free agency and had to sit out a whole year, I understand the way the NFL does business. I understand the whole business aspect of it. So I didn't take offense to it."

Bell is much more seasoned in the league than Adams and is very much aware of the business aspect, so it's no surprise to see him essentially unfazed by the trade talks. That said, the talks were, in fact, real and it could have even resulted in a reunion with the Pittsburgh Steelers

"They were actually true," Bell told Uninterrupted's 17 Weeks podcast, via Pro Football Talk. "There were times where — I found out from my agent, you know, he had talked to the Jets and things like that. But there were teams like Houston, the Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and surprisingly the Steelers, were all in the mix of trying to trade for me."

New York placed a hefty price on Bell and the back explained that this was why no deal was ultimately executed. Bell also said that general manager Joe Douglas was pretty forthright during the deadline. 

"[H]e took his time out to call me," Bell said of Douglas. "He kind of told me that they weren't really shopping me in a sense but teams kind of inquired about me before the trade deadline. And, you know, he was honest with me, he said he was open to it. But like I said earlier, teams were really asking for a lot and he wasn't really trying to give me up for something he didn't feel like would help the New York Jets in the future. And he obviously feels like I'm a player who can help turn this team around."

While both Adams and Bell will have to move on from the rumors in the immediate, we'll be curious to see if their names pop back up in trade talks when the offseason begins in 2020.