Steelers fans weren't laughing at Bell's tweet. (USATSI)

April Fools' Day is the worst holiday on the calendar. Bar none. Almost nothing good comes from everyone on the planet thinking they're funny.

On the rare occasion, something hilarious will happen with respect to a sports figure. For instance, Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell dropped a pretty good little "HEY I GOT CUT" joke on his adoring fans Friday morning.

The key here is that some people actually believed this.

Obviously it was not a real thing.

There is literally a zero-percent chance of Bell being cut. He's heading into the final year of his rookie contract and stands to make a base salary of less than $1 million. His cap hit is $1.3 million.

If he's fully healthy again next year he might very well be the most underpaid player in the NFL! But the Steelers are probably cutting him because, you know, who really wants a hyper-talented, low-cost running back capable of catching 81 passes in a single season?