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Sunday proved the Packers don't need anyone to identify them as a bad team; after losing 15-6 to the previously 1-6 Lions, who entered Week 9 with the NFL's worst defense yet still managed to befuddle reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay's performance spoke for itself. But that didn't stop even the Packers' celebrity faithful from declaring them dead after a fifth straight defeat. Perhaps speaking on behalf of Cheeseheads worldwide, Lil Wayne took to Twitter in the wake of Sunday's loss, explicitly burying the 2022 Packers after nine games and, not only that, but suggesting Rodgers should've long since been traded.

"RIP to the season," the Grammy Award-winning rapper wrote. "We should've gotten rid of 12 before the season."

Wayne has been a loyal and public Packers fan for years, appearing during pre-game ceremonies at Lambeau Field before past playoff games, and even recording an anthem for the team's 2021 playoff run. That song, titled "Green and Yellow" and sampling Wiz Khalifa's famous Pittsburgh-themed "Black and Yellow," includes lyrical praise of Rodgers.

But winning changes everything, they say, and the Packers are not winning this year. In fact, not since Rodgers' first season as a full-time starter, back in 2008, have the green and yellow lost five games in a row. Things don't necessarily get any easier for Rodgers and Co. in Week 10, either, with the Cowboys (6-2) coming to town fresh off a bye.