Lions, Cowboys top list of NFL teams with most expensive beer

If Lions fans don't look happy, it's probably because of the beer prices in Detroit. (USATSI)
If Lions fans don't look happy, it's probably because of the beer prices in Detroit. (USATSI)

Maybe beer prices at Ford Field are why the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy. According to research by, the Detroit Lions have the most expensive beer prices in the NFL. On average, beer at Ford Field costs 67 cents per ounce, 14 cents more than the second most expensive beer in Dallas, which costs 53 cents per ounce. 

LeBron James and Hulk Hogan probably left the Cowboys game on Sunday when they saw those beer prices.  

Compared to Detroit, the Carolina Panthers basically have a two-for-one special every game. A beer at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte averages a league-low 27 cents per ounce, meaning that two ounces of beer at a Panthers game is cheaper than one ounce of beer at a Lions game.

Another surprise? A beer in Oakland (49 cents per ounce) costs more than a beer in San Francisco (45 cents per ounce). Both cities are above the league average of 44 cents per ounce. 

If you're trying to save money on beer, you should avoid games at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Both the Seahawks and Steelers charge an average of 50 cents per ounce, the two teams join Detroit and Dallas as the only four NFL cities that to charge 50 cents or more per ounce. 

Here's the complete list

Detroit: 67 cents per ounce

Dallas: 53 cents

Pittsburgh: 50 cents

Seattle: 50 cents

Oakland: 49 cents

Green Bay: 47 cents

Washington: 45 cents

St. Louis: 45 cents

Buffalo: 45 cents

San Francisco: 45 cents

NFL average: 44 cents

Philadelphia: 44 cents

Indianapolis: 44 cents

Atlanta: 44 cents

Jacksonville: 44 cents

Kansas City: 44 cents

Chicago: 43 cents

Baltimore: 43 cents

Denver: 42 cents

NY Giants: 42 cents

NY Jets: 42 cents

Houston: 42 cents

San Diego: 42 cents

Tennessee: 42 cents

Cincinnati: 42 cents

Cleveland: 42 cents

Minnesota: 39 cents

New England: 38 cents

Arizona: 38 cents 

Tampa Bay: 36 cents

New Orleans: 35 cents

Miami: 35 cents

Carolina: 27 cents

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