If new Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving wants to walk over the edge of the world with someone, he should call up Lions cornerback Darius Slay. On Wednesday, Slay revealed that he -- like Irving -- believes the world is flat. 

No, this isn't "fake news." Watch Slay say it himself in an interview with the Lions' official website:

That, of course, isn't true. The world is not flat. Slay is a terrific football player on a pretty good football team, but he's wrong.

The flat Earth movement picked up steam in the sports world in February when Irving, then a star point guard on the Cavaliers, said that he believed the world was flat, which caused some headaches for science teachers around the world. Of note: Irving briefly attended Duke University. Irving recently said that he was only trolling everyone, but it's still not clear what he believes about the Earth's shape despite the actual evidence being pretty convincing in favor of "not flat."

Anyway, Slay isn't the only NFL player who is a flat Earth truther. So is Rams receiver Sammy Watkins.

I have an idea: One day, Slay should practice against Watkins. Watkins should go deep against Slay -- so deep that the two keep on running and running and running and running until they either run over the edge of this allegedly flat Earth of theirs or they make it back to their original starting point.