On Sunday in Detroit, NFL official Jeff Triplette called hands to the face on the Lions center when it was obvious that the player on the other team, Bears defensive tackle Eddie Goldman, had committed the infraction.

And according to center Graham Glasgow, who was penalized for the play in question, an official came up and apologized for the gaffe during the game.

The play in question was pretty obvious.

Instead of hitting Eddie Goldman for illegal hands to the face, Glasgow got flagged. And he told the Detroit Free-Press following the game he got an apology from the ref.

Glasgow said he was told: "Oh, I just switched you guys up. I meant to call it on 91, but you were blocking him, so I accidentally called it on you."

"I was like, 'Oh.' They tell us not to yell at the refs, so I'm like, 'Whatever, man.'"

That's a brutal catch-22 for Glasgow. He can't just start screaming at the ref or he'll get flagged. And it's not like he can do anything in terms of asking for the penalty back.

Jeff Triplette's crew egged bad and penalized the wrong guy and there was nothing they could do about it. The Lions picked up a field goal on the drive anyway, and ultimately won the game, but it's not hard to blame Glasgow for being flummoxed at the situation.