Now that we're officially in the dead part of the NFL offseason, it's the perfect time to talk about an important topic that's close to my heart: the NFL's Color Rush uniforms.

Actually, it's not that close to my heart, but it's the offseason and there's nothing else to talk about.

Back in April, Lions president Rod Wood spilled the beans that all 32 teams would be wearing a Color Rush uniform in 2016. Unfortunately for everyone though, Wood left us all hanging and didn't really offer any details.

The Lions president didn't tell us what color anyone would be wearing, or if color-blind people would be safe to watch (they weren't last year).

Color Rush jerseys will be back in 2016. USATSI

Well, Wood is back, and he has a few more details about the league's Color Rush uniforms. According to Wood, the NFL could release the uniforms as early as next month.

"I wish I could comment on it, but probably later in July the NFL's going to allow us to roll out what the plans are for 2016 and I'll have some comment at that point," Wood said, via the Detroit Free Press.

Wood originally thought that the Color Rush uniforms were going to be unveiled when the 2016 NFL schedule came out in April, but that didn't happen because all 32 designs hadn't been finalized yet.

"I think they want to do everything at the same time, so I'm honoring that request," Wood said.

If you're wondering what color your favorite team might be wearing for their Color Rush game, you're in luck, because someone leaked a design board that purports to show what each team will be wearing this year. Although the leak below hasn't been confirmed by the NFL, it's definitely not crazy to think these could be the colors that each team will be wearing.

If the leak's correct, then the Lions are going bonkers for Thanksgiving. Apparently, the team's going to wear red, and although that might sound crazy, it would actually make some sense. The Lions wore red from 1948-50.

The Redskins uniform is also pictured above and that could very well be what they're wearing on Thanksgiving. The team already announced that they won't be participating in Color Rush this year, although they technically will be if they wear that uniform. Instead of wearing one solid color, the Redskins (and Lions) would do their own Thanksgiving Color Rush thing and honor a team of the past.

As for the other Color Rush uniforms, if the leak turns out to be correct, you'll probably want to upgrade your HDTV before watching the Chiefs (gold), Vikings (gold) and Seahawks (lime green) play next season.

Color Rush uniforms are only expected to be worn for Thursday night games.