Lions QB Matthew Stafford was Mic'd Up for game-winning drive

Detroit's 80-yard game-winning drive to beat the Cowboys on Sunday was probably the most exciting 50 seconds of NFL action in Week 8. The Lions have now added to the excitement by unveiling the video above -- a video of quarterback Matthew Stafford mic'd up as Detroit prepares to drive for the winning touchdown. 

The video begins with a coach telling Stafford, "You have a minute and two to go here, you're going to get the football back and you need a touchdown." 

Soon after that, the video cuts to Stafford leading the Lions 80-yards down the field in five plays. The drive culminates with a Stafford quarterback sneak into the end zone to give Detroit a 31-30 lead. As you'll see in the video, the only person in the stadium who knew the sneak was coming for sure was Stafford. Stafford was telling his team he was going to 'Clock it' before taking the snap, instead he snuck into the end zone -- twice. 

Cowboy fans may not want to watch this, everyone else probably will. 

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