The XFL is doing all it can to make sure its repeat attempt at establishing an offseason option for NFL fans takes hold this time around, and that means protecting the talent it has acquired thus far.

The league has already established rosters for all eight teams as well as the schedule and subsequently announced the dates of location for training camp in 2020, but at least one NFL team has its eye on a potential player poach. The Detroit Lions, who are being captained by backup quarterback Jeff Driskel in the absence of Matthew Stafford -- the latter dealing with fractures in his back that could potentially sideline him for the rest of the season -- now find themselves on a four-game losing streak capped by a loss to the lowly Washington Redskins.

Apparently, the Lions want to try something new in their QB room, and it involves former NFL quarterback Josh Johnson, who is slated to play for the Los Angeles Wildcats in 2020. The XFL has reportedly blocked the Lions attempt to sign Johnson, per Adam Schefter of ESPN, keeping him in the developmental league until further notice.

Johnson had a short stint with both the Redskins and Lions in his time as an NFL QB, along with 13 other teams, before being released by the latter in mid-September -- just over a month after he was signed in Detroit. The fact the Lions are doubling back in an attempt to reacquire him affirms their concern with Driskel's talent going forward, but it's unclear what the unproven 33-year-old Johnson would provide over the 26-year-old Driskel. 

Head coach Matt Patricia is noticeably displeased with the three-interception outing that cost them a victory against the Redskins, though, and at this point is trying to save a rapidly dying season in an uber-competitive NFC North. Those efforts will have to be aimed elsewhere, however, because the XFL won't let him get his hands on Johnson, and the fact they're willing to take this route is a strong indication Colin Kaepernick won't find a job in Detroit.

Then again, Kaepernick's agent did predict such, following a workout Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones viewed as a circus.