Lions uniform change 'on the table,' major overhaul could be coming

Matthew Stafford could be wearing a different shade of blue in 2017. (USATSI)
Matthew Stafford could be wearing a different shade of blue in 2017. (USATSI)

The Detroit Lions might look slightly different when they take the field in 2017. Team president Rod Wood recently revealed that the Lions might make some major uniform changes after the 2016 season.  

During an interview with WMGC-FM (105.1) last week, Wood said that there's a chance that the Lions could be changing their color scheme. 

"I do want to look at our entire uniform color scheme and look, and that's something that's also on the table, maybe for an update of the regular uniform for 2017," Wood said, via the Detroit Free Press.

That probably doesn't mean the Lions will be going from blue to red, but it could mean that the team decides to go with a different shade of blue. The Lions have basically been wearing Honolulu Blue and silver since the team's inception in 1930. The Lions did wear an alternate black uniform for several games starting in 2005. The team also wore a maroon uniform in 1948. 

As for other changes, a caller asked Wood during the show if the team's logo might also be undergoing a makeover. 

"I think everything is up for review with the uniform, but it does take a lot of lead time to make any change like that," Wood said. "So I'll certainly consider it."

If the Lions do make a change, it wouldn't come until 2017 at the earlier. However, there is one change that we could see in 2016 and that's a new alternate uniform. 

The NFL's Color Rush campaign is expected to return in 2016, which means it's possible that the Lions could play a game in all-blue this year. 

"We probably will be announcing, along with the rest of the league, a uniform that's a third version of a uniform that will be used either in a Thursday night game or Thanksgiving," Wood said. "But it will not be a throwback uniform."

If any Lions' fans are hoping to see a throwback, that won't happen until 2017 at the earliest. 

"We do have the throwback uniforms under discussion," Wood said. "One of the interesting things about the league is uniforms are very tightly policed and so to make any change, going back to the throwback or even changing the throwbacks to a different version than the one we have used in the past, almost gives a full season notice to the NFL to do that. So we're in discussions right now about maybe bringing something back in the 2017 season. It would not be in the 2016 season."

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