The Lions don't get to play on Monday night too often, so the team decided to take advantage of this week's prime-time opportunity by unveiling a new uniform combination.

When the Lions took the field in Green Bay, they were decked out in all-white. Although that's a common color scheme for many NFL teams, it's not something the Lions usually wear. 

The Lions DO normally wear white uniforms on the road, but they almost never wear white pants. As a matter of fact, the game against the Packers marked the first time since 1949 that the Lions have worn white pants in a game and it's the first time EVER that they've gone all-white (white pants with a white jersey top). 

For most of their history, the Lions have either worn silver pants or blue pants. The Lions did their best to keep the white pants a secret and we know that because they didn't even announce that they'd be wearing them until the day of the game