LIVE: Watch O.J. Simpson's parole hearing

O.J. Simpson's parole hearing is set for 1 p.m. ET Thursday and will be streamed live on and embedded here. CBS News is also live-blogging the hearing. Simpson is eligible to be released from prison after being sentenced to a minimum of nine years and a maximum of 33 years in prison for a crime in September 2007. 

Here's a refresher on how Simpson wound up behind bars and what's next:

Why is he behind bars?

Simpson was sentenced in 2007 after being found guilty of robbing two men in Las Vegas for hundreds of items of sports memorabilia. Simpson claimed that he was trying to get things that were his, but he took items that were not tied to him. Furthermore, one of Simpson's accomplices brandished a weapon. Simpson was actually granted parole on five counts (burglary, two counts of kidnapping, two counts of robbery) in July 2013, but the use of a deadly weapon count was upheld until at least 2017.

Will he get out?

Simpson has good odds of being cleared of his remaining counts Thursday, according to legal experts. Should he be granted parole, he is eligible to get out of prison on Oct. 1 at the earliest, though Nevada authorities do not have to announce his release date. The hearing is taking place in Carson City, Nevada, in front of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners. 

Simpson is currently at the remote Lovelock Correctional Facility in Lovelock, Nevada. Four of the seven members of the Nevada parole board will be present, and for parole to be granted they must unanimously vote to give Simpson parole. If Simpson is granted his release, he'll likely be able to leave Nevada, but he must keep in touch with his parole officer and the the parole board in the state where he decides to live upon release.

If he's not granted his release, another parole hearing will be set at a future date between 1-3 years later. Simpson is scheduled to be released in September 2022 without parole. If it's a split vote, Simpson will be denied parole for six months and receive new hearing in January 2018.

For full details of the Simpson hearing, you can follow this link.

CBS Sports will be streaming the hearing live here.

How to watch O.J. Simpson's parole hearing

  • Date: Thursday, July 20
  • Time: 1 p.m. EST
  • Where: Carson City, Nevada; Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners
  • Link: CBS Sports
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